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Whether you're looking for a comfortable and creative space to record your next project or simply in need of custom live drum tracks to enhance your song Big Fig Studio's got you covered!


Hey! I'm Jake and I run Big Fig Studio. I'm a session musician, studio engineer and producer with a passion for making great records. I began my career playing live for a range of artists and genres, in 2009 I moved to London to study a degree at the prestigious Tech Music School (now BIMM London) and it was whilst working on sessions alongside studying that I found myself most comfortable in the studio environment which inspired me to dive further into music production.

Both as a session musician and producer I’m driven by my love for great songs, great performances and how we can use the studio as a tool to capture them. For me the records that have the biggest impact are the ones with a clear vision, with that in mind I approach every project (be that custom drum tracks or full productions) with the attitude of nailing your sound even before we hit record. Even if you’re not sure what your vision is yet we can explore the possibilities together until it takes shape. I’m incredibly passionate about continually expanding my knowledge of production techniques to ensure we capture and translate your vision into the record that you want to make. Read more...

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